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Demos & Tutorials

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Our team has prepared a simple tutorial to showcase the power and functionality of our app and technology. We hope you are as amazed as we are proud of our work. Start making 3D avatars of yourself and sharing your creations with your friends and family.

Check out our gallery of featured Face Fries.
Face Fry - Joke 01 Face Fry - Joke 02 Face Fry - Go Twitter Yourself Face Fry of Jack Nicholson from the movie "A Few Good Men" Face Fry of Laurence Fishburne from the movie "The Matrix" Face Fry of Seth played by Jonah Hill from the movie "SuperBad" Face Fry of President Barrack Obama making a joke Face Fry of Jim Carrey in "Liar Liar" Face Fry of Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" Face Fry of Chris Tucker from the movie "Rush Hour 2" Face Fry of Christopher Lloyd from the movie "Back to the Future" Face Fry of Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks from the movie "Forrest Gump"Videos in Lightbox by v2.7m